QPOS is cloud based Point-of-Sale solution specifically designed for Food and Beverages Industry. It is built upon the modern standards to achieve automation in restaurants, cafes, fast-food joints, food trucks, food kiosks and take-away counters. QPOS is a flawless system of connecting customer’s order to your kitchen with a robust system that manages business operations competently. It is enriched with intuitive User Interface, packed with business management tools and comes with capabilities like managing front office sales, order bookings and complete back-office operations and controls.

QPOS is a completely a touch-based solution and is easy to set-up, install and upgrade it to latest features. It ensures effective and continued communication and lets you constantly monitor your orders and provides real-time information to kitchen and service staff. So, empower your staff and ensure customer satisfaction with QPOS unparalleled functionality and accuracy.


  • Real time order routing to kitchens

  • Reliable, User friendly and efficient POS that systematically manages your operations

  • Reduces your turnaround between orders and time to serve

  • Better control by mapping all the customer’s orders

  • Increases business productivity and reduces labor cost

  • Profound Business Insights helping you take better decisions.

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